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increases the efficiency


The VPI-concept increases the efficiency and decreases the total expense

By using the VPI-concept, customers are able to supply their producing units with, durable and suitable process equipment, in a rational and efficient way. The ambition is to be the sole, single supplier concept, with a comprehensive responsibility for the annual needs within the categories Valves, Pumps & Instruments, as well as providing for the needs of warehousing and other services. Through agreements with group companies and other sub suppliers, we are able to provide the customers with a complete range of products. In addition to providing components, we also offer efficient purchase and invoicing procedures in order to reach economic and time savings for the clients.

This means

  • Reduced numbers of manufacturers.
  • Reduced numbers of suppliers.
  • Reduced warehousing of components and spare parts.
  • Common tools and cost-efficient purchase and invoicing procedures.
  • Effective warehousing and supply procedures.
  • A mutual database of process components and spare parts.
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